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Welcome to Amusement-Park-Deals.com. Looking for the best deals to get you into Story Land? Look no further; we have the greatest deals for discount tickets and coupons for this theme park, and many more. Stop paying full price when 1/2 price is available for you and your family, take the friends, or take your enemies, with prices this low who cares?

2012 Admission Prices
Ages 3 and older
Senior (Age 60+)
Military discount
Kids 2 and younger
Group passes (25 people or more)
Online codes for download
Discount passes through the mail

This theme park is located in Glen, New Hampshire. Story Land is a children’s amusement park full of fun and story adventures. You might be surprised as to how this park was started, Bob and Ruth Morrell, the founders, had collected a large amount of dolls from Germany, (yeah those really creepy ones) and was the basis for the park. When first opened there was only 1 ride; a cheap fire truck you could ride around the park. Now the park sits on about 35 acres of land and hosts over 20 rides.

Story Land was run by the Morrell family tell 2007, when the last son of Bob and Ruth passed away. The park was shortly sold at an inexpensive price to the Kennywood Entertainment Company. Kennywood did not last very long with their endeavors in Story Land; they were bought out by Pargues Reunion only a short year after taking over. Now under the name Palace Entertainment, discount tickets and 2 for 1 group passes are available from them and ourselves; don’t wait any longer, claim your deals today!

I would like first to thank you and your easy website for the coupons and discount passes to Story Land, even though my kids don’t know you yet, I am very grateful for all the money you have saved me. The theme park was the most wonderful place for my kids I think I have ever paid for. The giant stuffed dragons and animals walking throughout the park were friendly and my children loved them, on that note so did my husband... Thank you again, God bless!
-Rachel Gatten-